5 Ways to Use CBT and Stop Worry Now

If you have ever experienced that feeling of compete dread, impending doom, overwhelming worry or fear when you are at work just about to give a presentation, going to a party alone, eating in public, stepping out the house with an outfit you are unsure on, walking down a street you don’t know or driving on the motorway, you have more than likely been anxious. You will know the feeling of your heart racing, irrational but what feels like real thoughts running through your head of everything that could go wrong and then that sensation of hot or cold, palpitations, sweating, nausea and/or breathing difficulties; this is what is known as a panic attacks or extreme anxiety.

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These feelings can be brought on by anything you experience sporadically or frequently, leading to a life that has little confidence, low self esteem, high levels of fear, social ineptness and worry which all fuel and is caused by anxiety. The debilitating worry of what others think of you or danger can use up huge amounts of energy, time and life. We have the potential to achieve anything we put our mind too but anxiety can take us over as the body and mind refrain into a comfort zone of fear rather than trying to break free of the grasps of this worry.

A certain level of worry is actually healthy as if we were completely fearless we would make many wrong decisions, hurt ourselves or get into some sort of trouble. Worry offers a calculated risk which is healthy. However, for millions of us this worry is heightened and has spurred anxiety and excessive fear in us that results in us shying away from many things in life and causing a spiral of negative behaviour. What we do not realise though is that anxiety and worry can be battled and stopped Email Extractor Software if approached in the right way. One way is using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is a technique used to change your cognitive (thought) processes from negative to positive in order to change your behaviours in the same way. Here are 5 ways in which you can use CBT to conquer that worry and anxiety so you can lead a life of confidence, high self esteem and happiness.

1: Knowledge

Research as much as you can about CBT, anxiety and worry. We can go through life not realising that we can help ourselves and that we can make changes. We do not have to accept things how they are most of the time. Learning about both anxiety and worry will begin to give you a realistic basis on which to pitch your thought processes and hence behaviours. Knowing things like we can’t change the past so worrying about it has no use at all, the things we worry about are statistically likely not to happen and most of our worries are about things we really don’t need to seriously think about.

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