Using Gmail IMAP With Mozilla Thunderbird

If your like me and use multiple computers, you may find that using IMAP for your email is a huge benefit in keeping organized and synced across multiple systems. This is great for anyone that uses a desktop computer at work, laptop at home, and/or a phone on the road.

Everything you do within your IMAP email is reflected on all systems you use. If you delete an email, it’s deleted from your desktop, your laptop, your phone, etc. If you organize your email on one computer, it’s organized on every computer you use. Pretty nifty huh?

I’ve always been a big fan of Gmail. I used it as my primary email system so that I always have a back up of my email in case my computer crashes, which has come in handy on more than one occasion สมัคร gmail. I have my business email addresses forward to my Gmail account so I can access all of my email accounts directly from Gmail.

Originally, I was using Outlook 2007 with POP3 to download my messages from Gmail to my computer keeping copies of my email on Gmail’s servers. This was great when I was only using one computer for email, but now that I’m accessing my email from multiple computers I needed a way for them to all be synced. This is where Gmail’s IMAP came in handy.

Making the switch to using IMAP was pretty easy, with one slight problem. Outlook 2007 and Gmail IMAP don’t work well together. After I set up IMAP within Outlook, it became so sluggish it wasn’t worth using.

I got frustrated with the program not responding, taking forever to load messages, and overall bad performance. Browsing my folders took much longer than necessary. Even trying to send an email could take up to 5 minutes before it would allow me to even open the new email. This wasn’t going to work for me.

I read articles on how to speed up Outlook with Gmail’s IMAP and was unsuccessful at finding a solution that actually worked. While the methods I found did speed up Outlook slightly, it was still very sluggish and time consuming.

During my research I came across a comment that a user posted in response to the problem that Outlook had with Google IMAP. The user mentioned that they had the same problem and switched to Mozilla Thunderbird and haven’t had any problems since the switch.

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