Matka Guessing: What you should know?

Guessing forum is the essential feature of the satta matka game. As the name says, it is a number that is guessed before betting and displayed on-site on the guessing forum web page. The site owners display the guessing numbers of all the matka games on their respective sites. But, a few satta sites facilitate the participants, say the experts and professionals in the satta industry, to add the guessing number for the day in any of the matka games. Before we dive deep into the details of the guessing forum, let’s outline and explore the satta market.

Define satta matka

Satta matka is a gambling platform where desirous individuals place betting in different matka games. The game deals with numbers 0-9, and the lowest betting is Rs. 10/-. The players can bet in different variations like Single akda (OPEN and CLOSE), Jodi (double-digit), Patti (three-digit), Half Sangam and Sangam for any amount as the highest betting is unlimited. 

There are different matka games such as Kalyan, Madhuri, Bhoothnath, Morning syndicate, Rajdhani night/day, Milan night/day, and many more. Some of the matka games are played during daytime hours, and a few matka games facilitate the night lovers to gamble in the dark hours. 

Basically, there are three main satta markets, i.e. the Regular market, King Bazar, and starline market. Under these main market, there falls a list of sub-markets or satta games.

The popularity of matka games has given reason to several business minds to launch similar satta platforms with less or more identical betting facilities. The game features like panel charts, Jodi charts, guessing tips or forum, astrology weekly, etc., might come with slight differences depending on how he manages to serve the players.

Guessing forum

As we started with the guessing forum or matka guessing, it is an essential feature of any matka game. A number about a specific matka game is guessed and displayed on the guessing forum. It is a game tip for the participants that help them to predict the most feasible number for placing a bet. As the name says, it is just a guessed number, not the exact winning number. The participants should put betting in the same number at their risk. 

The site owners take assistance from the top-notch industry players or kings of satta to predict numbers in any matka game like Kalyan, Rajdhani, Milan, or anyone else. These satta industry experts do not simply pick a number for betting, but they have game strategies and calculated theories to select a specific number. Maximum times, these numbers prove fruitful for the players. Thus, the players expect largely. 

The beginners or new players might not have good ideas about the guessing forum, and often they bet their entire amount on that specific guessed number. Apart from the authentic sites, a few site owners take advantage of this lack of knowledge among the newbies. They forward any number as a guessing number and pass false assurance among the players of winning the handsome cash betting on it. As the players bet on their risk, they are left with nothing to say or complain at the end if they lose bets. 

On the other side, some sites facilitate the top players adding their guessing numbers to the site to assist the new players. The intention was pure and good till the genuine players obeyed the posting rules like:

  • Do not post the fake numbers
  • Do not post the guessing numbers exactly before result time
  • No use of abusive language
  • Do not misguide players to pay extra by luring and assuring them the predicted number is exact

The bottom line

The fashion of guessing forum in suitable means is to help the participants, especially for the fresher in the satta industry. The players are attracted mainly to satta sites aiming to earn extra cash using guessing forum tips. Gambling involves risk and no guarantee for confirming winnings. But, supporting the players with a game feature like matka guessing forum is the sign of a genuine site like one is sattaresults. We highly aim our participants should enrol in the game positively and win cash. So what if you lose a few betting, but the tip on our guessing forum is from the experts and not just to trap the game participants. Providing a free guessing forum is not just to lure the players into placing more and higher betting. We genuinely like providing extensive help to the players. We invite you players, land on our site, download livesatta app and enjoy playing a fair game. 

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