Body Jewelry Is Fun and Just As Individual As the Men and Women That Wear It

Not limited to ear piercing, rings and necklaces, body jewelry is exploding on to the scene as both a fashion statement and a statement of a person’s individuality. Young men and women of all ages easily look for places on their body to pierce and jewelry to fill in those holes. Discover just some of the fun of body piercing and body jewelry body piercing jewelry .

One of the best parts of body jewelry is that you can make just about any clothing fashion look that much better with a little bling on your body. Skirt hems may rise and fall, but the classic jewelry that you wear can last from season to season – even if the places where you put this jewelry may change!

We are not limited to just a ring, or a bracelet, or a necklace any more. In our modern times body jewelry started to gain fame with ear piercing. No longer were women subject to the painful squeeze of clip on earrings. Instead, a little hole could be punched into the lobe and an attractive piece of pain-free, no-pinch body jewelry was added.

Then, just as all fashion goes, we started looking for other areas of our bodies to pierce, punch and adorn with various metals, jewels and signs. Other cultures have long pierced many of their body parts including the nose and eyebrows. Body jewelry in the slightest and most delicate jewels can be found to be inserted in the nose to add a little sense of the exotic to what may otherwise be a very conservative life.

Belly button rings are exploding on the scene as bare midriffs are no longer taboo. Some girls as young as 12 years old are considering this piercing as they aspire to the fashion looks of their celebrities. Although more common for young women in their teens, the style of this jewelry can be found to match various ages.

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