How to Leverage Video Commercials For Online Advertising

The goal of commercials is to inform the public about particular products and persuade them to buy these products. Advertising on traditional media is prohibitively expensive, and only large businesses can afford it. TV commercials are still pricey, depending on the time slot (prime time vs. others) and network. Radio commercials are less expensive, but still unaffordable for most businesses. Print ads are cheap if you advertise in local newspapers and niche magazines. However, the downside to print ads is that they do not reach a wide audience.

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One of the cheapest ways to spread the word is using the Internet. Besides being cheap, ads on the Internet can reach a wider audience than many newspaper or magazine ads game slot online . The biggest advantage of online advertising is that it reaches a highly targeted audience with higher conversion rates than print, television, or radio advertisements.

Until recently, most businesses that advertised online used click ads and inserted banners in relevant web pages but in the last two years, the trend of video ads online has grown many times over. Posting videos online is easy, and in many cases, you are not charged anything for uploading your video. Even posting a video CV online is a method of advertising yourself for the benefit of potential employers.

To be able to leverage the many advantages of online commercials in your favor, you need to understand a few basics.

*Cost – It is a myth that all video ads are expensive to create. Professionals can produce a creative, effective video for as little as $60. Simple ads, with few graphics and a voiceover, can cost as less as $20. For an extra charge, you can script the voiceover yourself and have a logo added to the video. This will make the ad look as if it “belongs” rather than appear like some online commercial.

*Similarity To TV Commercials – These ads are created by people who understand online market dynamics. They are different from TV commercials because they are meant for a highly targeted and impatient audience. If the ad cannot deliver the message in 15 seconds, people will move to another website or webpage.

*Bandwidth Requirements – The commercials will be hosted on an independent site if your website does not have the required bandwidth capacity. If the file is large, or you need more bandwidth, you will be charged extra.

Retirement Listing Service is the first to offer, Online Senior Community Classifieds targeting all aspects of senior life. This idea is intended to unite the growing number of internet users within the senior community. The on slot of baby boomers moving into their senior years is shifting market trends from the “teeny bopper” era of dominance to the “zoomers” who are slowly taking control of marketplaces around the world. Due to the workplace many “boomers” moving into their elder years, already have extensive knowledge of the Internet, and are actively surfing online everyday. This shift in consumer trends will result in an increased number of senior living related businesses and more importantly a new way of advertising to the senior community, online.

Senior life as a whole involves many different wants and needs, from the active healthy seniors who have interests in sports and activities, to others in need of assistance or constant care. Senior Community classifieds offer a centralized place online which includes all areas of this diverse spectrum. Based on the “Free Classified Community” structure which gained widespread popularity due to the success of websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji. Retirement Listing Service has a simplistic approach with a one page design and user instructions clearly visible, allowing for seniors with all levels of computer knowledge. The website allows seniors to easily navigate through online classified listings, in their area, pertaining to senior living.

Written forms of media are most used by advertisers looking to reach senior consumers. On the other hand, reports suggest that the percentage of new computer users is highest amongst the elderly population. The implementation of computers into almost every senior home, seniors center and community complex directly relates to the shift in market trends. With the progress of time and computer savvy “boomers” moving into their elder years, it is increasingly apparent that the Internet will soon be the best resource for not only seniors but every age group in North America.

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