My Alternative Online Roulette System – Secret Casino System

It’s easy to lose money using an online roulette system and I feel I now have enough experience to  develop my own system.  This article has been inspired by the many super,secret casino systems that are littered all over the internet – you know the ones where you can’t lose, which usually involving doubling your stake.

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My super secret roulette system relies heavily on achieving a state of mind, an inner peace and karma to make you feel at one with the wheel, computer screen or laptop depending on how you are playing agen casino online terbaik.  Once this delicate balance has been achieved then it is virtually impossible to lose.

First the preparation, my personal favourite part of the system – involves alcohol and drinking a large amount of it.  The amounts will depend heavily on each individual but you are trying to achieve that special level when you ‘are right about everything’, ‘are never wrong’ and everyone else – ‘doesn’t know what they are talking about’.

It’s important not to get too drunk as it can be quite tricky logging in.  The added benefits of this state though mean that the laws of probability will get much simpler in your mind allowing you to make complex mathematical calculations quickly whilst betting wildly on every number and combination.  Interestingly to illustrate this point I solved Fermat’s Last Theorem a few weeks ago after an evenings drinking at a local bar, unfortunately the next morning the effect had worn off and I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about.

Another essential element is to heighten your senses and emotions.  One of the most effective ways of  doing this is to have some sort of argument with a loved one – ideally a spouse or partner works best.  This will also reinforce your ‘right about everything’ feeling and is especially easy to achieve after stage one of the preparation.

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