Getting To Know The Goetz Dolls From Germany

Goetz or Gotz dolls have been crafted and produced since 1950 and were originally made by Marianne and Franz Gotz with a few of their family members. They have founded Gotz Puppenfabrik in Rodental Germany ラブドール通販 . The doll company is still manufacturing the dolls at present which just initially started as a paper mache handcrafted into these interactive masterpieces.

In 1957, the dolls were already manufactured using the vinyl rotation process which is still the same process that has been used today. The unique thing about these dolls is that it is made of high quality since then and is handcrafted in partnership with known local artists. The company’s subsidiary in the United States was officially named Goetz Dolls, Inc and was founded in 1987. The dolls come with their own bracelet, certificate and the artist’s seal.

The first artist edition doll produced by Goetz was created in 1965 by the famous Swiss doll artist, Sasha Morgenthaler, who teamed up with the company to produced dolls for the masses. The Sasha dolls were produced by Frodi/ Trendon in England from 1966 until this company was bought out in 1986. In 1995, Goetz continued the production of the Sasha dolls again until 2001. The end of the license contract this time was caused by a disagreement between Goetz and the heirs of Sasha with regard to the resemblance to the original design aspect of the dolls. In 1989, the company also collaborated with artists Carin Lossnitzer and Sylvia Natterer to produce their own special collection.

At present, a lot of doll collectors also prefer the Goetz dolls since they are produced with a limited edition line. They have the Artist Edition dolls which are produced only for a year. This edition makes a good collection to start due to its rarity and uniqueness. Other artists who have collaborated with Goetz are Hildeguard Gunzel, Sylvia Natterer, Susi Elmer, Didy Jacobsen, Joke Grobber, and many others.

The Play Dolls edition, however, are mass-produced and are priced lower than the Artist Edition. The Goetz company is also issued with licenses from other known brands to create dolls for them. An example of this is the Harry Potter collection and the Beatrix Potter doll collection which were introduced in 2001. Some of the Goetz dolls that were able to rake in awards in the past from the DOTY (Doll Of The Year) People’s Choice Awards were the Kimy, Anna Maria, Holly, Baby Evchen, and Thijs dolls. Nevertheless, these dolls are collected mostly even by individuals in their 40’s and 50’s who have more disposable income. These high quality masterpieces are also made with quality dresses and accessories.

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